Film Awards for Academy Award® winning
Ben Shedd

Star Waiters
The Infinite Wish of the Year Award from the National Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, chosen from 13,200 wishes granted in 2009, for the wish that brought a whole community together to grant a child’s wish.

Green is the Color of Money Video Award
US Green Building Council 1st Annual GREENBUILD Film Festival screening 2007
2007 Best in Show/Contemporary Issues  The Accolade Video Competition The Accolade Best in Show award notes "the production illustrates the power of a documentary to foster technological change."  

Tropical Rainforest Film Awards
Silver Medal, Documentaries, New York Film Festival, 1993 

The Flight of the Gossamer Condor  Film Awards    
Jacqueline Phillips Shedd and Ben Shedd, Producers 
Academy Award Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject of 1978 * Blue Ribbon Award, American Film Festival, 1979 * Cine Golden Eagle, 1979 * Certificate of Participation, Moscow Film Festival, U.S.S.R. * Diploma of Honor, 1st Place, International Science Film Assoc. Film Festival, Cologne, Germany * Silver Boomerang, Melbourne Film Festival, Australia * Certificate of Commendation, tied for Best Science Film in the World, Australian & New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science Film Festival * Lawrence Science Award, National Educational Film Festival * Certificate of Participation, Bilbao Film Festival, Spain * Los Angeles International Film Exposition Screening * Seattle Film Festival Screening * Gold Cindy, Information Film Producers Association * American Association for the Advancement of Science Film Festival Screening * Gold Plaque, Documentaries, Chicago Film Festival Best of Elementary, Birmingham Film Festival *Bronze Medal, International Film & Television Festival, New York * Selected Film for Young Adults - 1980, American Library Association * Distinguished Achievement Award, San Francisco State University * Alumni Award of Merit, University of Southern California Cinema Circulus * Screenings, Museum of Modern Art Screening, New York & Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, Washington DC, Premiere.  

The Homefront  Film Awards
Golden Apple Award, National Educational Film Festival, 1987 * Blue Ribbon Award, American Film & Video Festival, 1985 * Cine Golden Eagle, 1985 * Gold Special Jury Award, Houston Film Festival, 1985 * Bronze Hugo, Chicago International Film Festival, 1985 * Silver Award, International Film & TV Festival, NY, 1985 * Chris Award, Columbus International Film Festival, 1985  

Poetry For People Who Hate Poetry with Roger Steffens - Film Series   Film Awards
e.e. cummings - American Film Festival Finalist, 1980 * About Words - Golden Babe Award, Chicagoland Educational Film Festival * Selected Film for Young Adults, 1981, American Library Association  

NOVA® PBS Science Series   Film Awards
1998 National Science Foundation National Science Board's first Annual Public Service Award to Nova® Series 25th Anniversary * George Foster Peabody Broadcasting Award for Excellence with emphasis on American produced programs 1974 (Shared) * Why Do Birds Sing? - Red Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1977 * The Sunspot Mystery - Red Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1978 * The First Signs of Washoe - American Psychological Association Grand Prize * Yellow Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1976 * Where Did The Colorado Go? * Red Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1976  

Mars Minus Myth  Film Awards
Cine Golden Eagle, 1973 * Orbit Award, Best Science Film in the World, Australian & New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science International Film Festival * Special Jury Award - San Francisco Film Festival, 1973 * Red Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1973 * Chris Plaque, Columbus Film Festival * Gold Medal, Scientific Exploration Category, Eighth International Festival of Scientific Film, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

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