Shedd Productions, Inc.


In  1994, filmmaker Ben Shedd developed a manifesto for Shedd Productions, Inc. work.

The films we create at Shedd Productions, Inc. are: 
 gender neutral  •  non-aggressive  •  multicultural  •  thought-provoking  •  

	•  intellectually encouraging  •  role-model expansive  •
•  economically neutral  •  non-elitist  •  non-abusive  •
	•  cognitively healthy in world view  •  inspiring  •  self-affirming  •
	•  physically accurate  •  experientially accurate  •  future-minded  •
	•  fun  •  invigorating  • appealing to multigenerational audiences  •
 made with a 10 year shelf life  •  worth seeing twice  •
•  and present ideas which take off and soar in the audience's imagination.

Shedd Productions, Inc. logo designed by artist Joel Nakamura

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